These digital illustrations are made aim to raise awareness about the detrimental impact of plastic pollution in our oceans. Their impactful visuals have caught the attention of an international sustainability magazine, initiating meaningful discussions and encouraging positive action towards a more sustainable future.

"Series Ocean and Plastic" is a visually captivating digital illustration series created using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator in 2022. The artwork serves as a powerful reminder of the negative impact of plastic pollution in our oceans and is featured by an international sustainability magazine to raise awareness and inspire positive action.

This artwork created via Procreate and Adobe Illustrator in 2022 challenges the commonly-held negative stereotype of sharks, promoting a more positive and accurate understanding of these fascinating creatures.

The artwork "Fishmeal Uncovered" uncovers the harsh reality of the fishmeal industry. Created with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator, 2022.

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